Cast Hope

There are few things in life that Hogan is as proud of as Cast Hope and his involvement. Cast Hope was founded by Ryan Johnston while Ryan and Hogan were in Grad School at Chico State as a way to give back to the sport that gave so much to him. Hogan signed on in the infancy to help share the outdoors through the great sport of fly fishing and give with the youth of Northern California. The organization has grown from its humble began due to the support of the fly fishing industry, the outdoors community, and generous donors who believe that we are living in a time where many kids are disconnected from the outdoors and natural world due to barriers of all types. 

Hogan has now served as the Marketing Directorof Cast Hope sense 2012 and Hogan and Ryan have grown Cast Hope to serve kids and their mentors throughout Northern California and Western Nevada with their sites set on growth. 

To learn more about Cast Hope check out and watch the video below. 

"We live in an age when kids spend more time in their day staring at a screen, whether it is a phone, TV, or computer then they do outdoors. If you love the outdoors this is a problem. If the future generation is not attached to the rivers, lakes, streams, oceans, forests, and wild places of our world they will not be willing to protect them." - Hogan Brown