cause we all need more stuff to look at online

Scott Fly Rods - American Made in Montrose Colorado by fishermen not dudes on islands that wear JCrew and drink lattes while discussing profit margins and world domination. Enough Said.

Montana Fly Co. - Ties and distributes all my flies along some other great tiers. They have been a leader in creative fly design for many years along with designing some of the best boat boxes, fly tying materials, and gadgets around. 

Simms Fishing Products - If you don’t know about Simms Fishing gear you have issues. Make sure to check out all the new gear, clothes, and trinkets the premier fishing clothing company has

Hatch Reels - By far the best fly reels in the market. A truly innovative drag system, reel, design, and style. There are many good reels out there but I have yet to find one that compares to the ones the boys at Hatch have designed and make. Check them out!

Rajeff Sports - Fine purveyor of air flo lines and echo rods. Great lines designed by people that fish not dudes that wear suit and ties that are worried about profit margins - Echo great affordable rods designed by Tim Rajeff...dude knows whats up and if you don’t know that you need to know that. 

Nature Boy Designs - A great clothing and design company owned by nor cal angler, bow hunter, and banjo player Keith Westra. Check this site out for all the latest gear or just check out pictures of me cause I rock this stuff.  

Costa Del Mar - Makes the best sunglasses on the market for Fishing, but if you fish you already know this. Check them out! Fishing sunglasses made by fishermen...not snowboarders, skiers, motor cross riders, or any other sport/activity but fishing. 

Music that will make you cooler...along with catch more fish - 
Built to Spill - Boise ID - if you don’t know them you don’t like indie rock or did not come of age in the late nineties as an indie rock fan.

Wilco - quite possibly my favorite band and one of the greatest American Rock bands ever...that most have never heard of. 

Pavement - the one and only. 

Surrogate - GREAT Local Chico band on Tooth and Nail Records...Kinda indie, kinda poppy, kinda alt-country....ALL good. I use to live across the street from the lead singer so I am kind biased but he is a great song writer

Apple Seed Cast - one of my favorite bands of all time. new CD Sagmartha might be their best. Great CD for a fall or winter drive home from the river. 

Manchester Orchestra - Great Band. Kind of Alternative - kind of rock. Really creative music and lyrics. Their new CD Simple Math is a really cool concept album, but Mean Everything to Nothing rocks a bit harder

Chuck Ragan - If you grew up in the late 90’s you listened to Chuck’s band Hot Water Music, if you didn’t and like passionate music that blends punk, emo, hardcore all in one check them out. While HWM is style touring and rocking after 20 years Chuck’s solo stuff is great. Super catchy just straight old rock n’ roll...oh and Chuck is a pretty serious fly fishermen to so that is cool.

Jason Isbell - One of my favorite song writers. Ounce part of the Drive By Truckers but sense has established himself as a solo artist. He puts life ups and downs to music. No better drive to or drive home from the river music to contemplate life.