Warm Water

Striped Bass, largemouth bass, Smallmouth bass, Carp, American Shad

​Warmwater fly fishing has quickly become the latest and greatest style of fly fishing. While many guides are jumping on the warm water band wagon Hogan has been guiding many of Northern California's most famous warm water destinations for over a decade. Pioneering flies, techniques, and fisheries hogan continues to push the envelope of what is possible with a fly rod.

Lower Sacramento Striped Bass -  
There are two populations of Striped bass in the Lower Sacramento River the "migratory" run of fish that enters the river in March and makes their way up river in large schools to spawn through May and our "resident" population of fish that are in the system year round. Fish average from 12"- to true trophies in the 30-50lbs class. Prime striped bass season is March-October. 

Lower Sacramento River Shad - 

American Shad enter the Sacramento river staring in May and run through mid June on most years. We target these during the month on May on evening trips when fish are most active. There is boat and wade options depending on the condition of the river. 

Lower Sacramento Carp and Bass -
The Lower Sacramento River and it sloughs and back waters south west of chico provide some of the best bass and carp fishing around. A virtually unexplored fishery with a fly rod Hogan has pioneered this fishery. With miles of sloughs, creeks, and big back bay flats, weather you like throwing poppers or flies to structure for bass or want to wade a shallow water mud flat for tailing carp this is a fishery every warm water enthusiast should experience. Best fishing is from May through August.

Public Bass Fisheries - 
Northern California has many reservoirs, that are well known for their bass fishing among the conventional fishing world, but that fly fisherman take little advantage of. Come fish some of California's premier bass reservoirs for both small and large mouth bass. While the window is usually small for consistent action when timed right these fisheries can produce better than any other. Best depends on weather but usually between March and May.

Private Bass Ponds/Lakes -
If the more intimate style of a private fishery sounds appealing Hogan has access to several private bass ponds/lakes outside of Chico, CA. These are great venues for those just getting into the sport of fly fishing and provide a variety of warm water fishing opportunities. Best fishing is March to June

Walk and Wade Smallmouth -
Many valley creeks and rivers have thriving small mouth bass populations. While many of these fish do not get much larger than 12-15" what they lack in size they make up for in fight and quantity. Best fishing is mid June through August.

Combo Trips -
Many warm water trips can be combined. Shad in the evening bass during the day for example. Always ask about current conditions to see what combo options exist