Saturday on the L. Sac

My Friend Jason Lozano and I went out on the L. Sac outside of chico yesterday and after transporting a nearly drowned college tuber back to the boat ramp (who the hell goes tubing when it is 70's out and the water is like high 50's low 60's) and being interviewed by the local news on our thoughts about the salmon fishing closure we went fishing. Spent some time throwing flies for some early stripers with only a good bump to show for. Checked some flats for carp and got one to eat but lost it pretty quick into the fight. Then decided to check out some smallie spots and found some nice pods of 2-3lbs smallies eating bait and wrecked havoc on them for a bit. Consumed some Keystone light ($4.50 cheaper a 12 pack than Coors Light and when it is cooler cold you can't tell the difference). All and all another afternoon on one of the coolest fisheries in the world.

Over and Out. Hogan Brown

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Hogan Brown