This a tutorial on how to tie the Olive S&M Nymph. This is a small trim Mayfly nymph that works for imitating Baetis, BWOs, PMDs, and all sorts of various small swimmer and clinger mayfly nymphs.

This video shows how to tie my small mayfly nymph the "Lil' Amigo" Great Baetis, PMD, or other small "Swimmer" or "Clinger" Mayfly nymph immitation.
This videos shows how to tie my version of a baby sucker fish clouser - olive over yellow. This fly is influenced by Andy Guibord and Maury Hatch.
This is a video on how to tie a simple Smolt pattern. I swing this pattern or dead drift it under and indicator any where there were salmon laying eggs a few months ago. Check out all my social media, my blog, and website by clicking below.
This video shows how to tie a bigger style rattle clouser for the CA Delta, CA River Stripers, and big bass lakes. Enjoy!
This video will show you how to tie a simple Float n' Fly Jig designed by Ryan Williams and Chuck Ragan. Check out both these guys online.