Feather, Pizza, beers, redman, Yuba

Lets do this in order:

Feather: Took a chance on hopes of early season success on the feather Saturday with two great clients. Put in at the River Park in Oroville and floated down to Palm Ave. No other boats on the river and didn't see one wade fisherman out there. Usually the first part of October is really good fishing in the upper river if you are one of the first guys through the run. Fishing was good. We hit 6 adults and landed 4 with one that was pushing 30". Good numbers of Salmon down to about Robinson and then they thin out pretty good. Didn't hit one fish in the high flow even though the flows are great fishable/wadeable levels in the high flow. All fish came on eggs and caddis pupa. Good fishing for kinda early in the year with no rain but I wouldn't rush up to fish the feather yet.

Pizza: had pizza at Woodstocks in Chico, CA Saturday night with Steph, Ollie, and my clients. Had some meat concoction that my clients ordered...I had no idea that you could accomadate that much meat on flat surface. Steph opted for the vegitarian pizza.

Beer: I am not a big drink and guide guy but .... when your clients bring their own cooler full of beer ... you know your having a few through out the day just to stem their alcohol consumption and keep them landing fish. Also a few shared bud lights through out the day take the sting of loosing 30" steelhead at the boat...look but don't touch is a bitch whether it is a hot stripper or pig just over the gunnels that you watch swim away.

Redman: I love it. Promised my wife I would quit. And aside from this last two days I have....I think.

Yuba: Fished the Yuba on Sunday. Fishing was really good. Caught a few nice 18-20" fish with a bunch of 14-17" fish. Lost one big steelhead right above Daguerre so there are some nice fish on the way up. Consitant action down the river with good numbers of salmon on redds, pairing up in the riffles, and dropping eggs. Most fish came on caddis pupa and eggs...tough time getting fish to the eat the stonefly. If you are wade fishing the Yuba make sure to stay out of the redds. DFG has marked all of them with orange paint for those that don't know really what to look for.
Hogan Brown