Guided the Yuba this weekend....Tough. River is low and super clear. Some people have always had the idea that fish at this time of year move up river and the lower river becomes devoid of fish. Not sure I buy this as fishing has been tough through out the river. I am more of the opinion that the month of november is always tough as fish have gorged on eggs for the better part of 6 weeks and just sit on the bottom and digest.

Fishing this weekend was tough but by changing flies, rigs, and weight we caught fish. Most fish came on small tippet 6x and 5x, small caddis or mayflies. Once the sun was off the water we caught fish on eggs but nothing on stoneflies or bigger attractor patterns. Fish were spread out and we did find a few steelhead in the lower river landing one and loosing another. So fish are still moving in. Bottom line is we need some rain to mix things up, move fish around, and get fish back on the feed.
Hogan Brown