CA Fly Shop Fly Tying Day in review

Want to thank everyone that came down to the California Fly Shop for their Idylwilde Fly Tying Day. It was really well attended and was a ton of fun interacting with people, seeing some clients, and helping people of all tying levels with questions. I have only been to the CA fly Shop a few times but every time I am blown away with the shop (and I am not on their pay role...this is totally unbiased). Their fly selection is probably one of the best i have ever seen, lay out is amazing, tons of merchandise, and probably one of the best selections of rods around. If you live in the bay area it is worth going to check out.

With regards to fishing I have been off the water for two weeks. So no recent reports. It has rained a bunch all over nor cal the last few days and more rain is forcasted for tuesday and wednesday. The Lower Yuba flows didn't move much over the last storm, 50cfs at most, but Deer Creek peaked at 462 cfs and is now down to 150 cfs (normally at like 10cfs) so their should be some color to the river. This is a good thing.

Other than that is finals week at school so I hand out tests, read the paper and watch them sweat. I'll be back on the river saturday for a few days before to follow.
Hogan Brown