Been Busy...

Lots going on here is a re cap -

Guided the L. Yuba a few days this last week and fishing was good to tough to very good. Mornings were pretty good. Fish were eating small mayfly nymphs (#16-20's), Micro spawn flies, Rubber leggs, and some general attractors. Starting around 11am there has been a good to really good Baetis hatch. Bugs are about a #16-18 depending on the day. These fish are selective but on most days they will eat a well presented Hackle Stacker, Film Critic, SIM Mayfly, or similar parachute pattern. I have found the best success fishing a 9-10' leader down to 6x tippet. Afternoons have been tough to fair. Most fish during the afternoon have been taken on midges and small mayfly nymphs. I think alot of the drop off during the afternoon has been the drop in air temps. The baetis hatch wraps up around 1-2pm and then the temps start to really drop.

Also guided a few small streams that enter the L. Sac here outside of chico for trout and steelhead and have scratched up a nice few adult steelhead. Nothing huge but solid fish. Spent a day doing some upland guiding at the pheasant club behind my pointers caddis and baetis that was a nice change of pace.

Next week I am back to school and will be at the San Mateo ISE Show Friday and Saturday. I will be tying at the fly tying theater on Friday at 4:30pm and then spending the rest of the time at the Scott Fly Rods Booth. If you are around come stop by and say "hi" and check out what is new from Scott.
Hogan Brown