Quick Report

Here is a quick report of what is going on. While the weather has been all over the place we have had some great days fishing and also some really tough ones but it looks like the weather may finally turn here soon. I still have some great dates available if anyone is looking to get out and fish if not read the reports and get out on your own.

Lower Sacramento Shad/Striper/Bass/Carp:

Shad: Good numbers of large female shad are in the river up through Chico. The bite with the cooler days and evenings has been best from 11-5pm but with warmer weather on the way look for the bite to move to the evening

Stripers: Good numbers of stripers up through Chico and the resident fish are getting active as well. As more and more shad arrive the bite will slow down but should pick up again towards the end of June and carry through August. Top water is best mid to end of August.

Bass: Are all outta wack with this cold weather. Every body of water I fish for bass is in a different phase of the pre-spawn-post spawn Cycle. That said most days there are fish to be caught and bass fishing is only going to get better as the weather warms.

Carp: They are in the shallows and their tails are up. Which means they are eating and ready to cast to.

Lower Sacramento Trout: Fishing has been fair to good depending on the day and the weather. Personally I wait to turn my attention to the Lower Sac until the weather really warms up and the lower stretches through the canyon start to fish. If you have never seen these sections of the river they are truly unique and much different than the back yard tour of Redding and Anderson.

Lower Yuba: Fishing is up and down with the weather but for the most part fishing has been fair to really good. Fish remain active all day with the milder weather and if the hatches come off while look out. PMD’s, Little Yellow Sallies, Golden Stoneflies, Caddis have all been around on various days and should gain in strength as the weather warms.

Clearwater House on Pit River: If you have never fished the Fall River it is a truly unique piece of water. A Large Spring Creek sitting in the shadow of Mt. Shasta with all the classic spring creek hatches PLUS a great hex hatch mid June through mid July. Call or email for availability.

If you are thinking about booking a date June is booking up but there are plenty of dates left in July. July is prime time for trout on the lower sections of the Sac and of course STRIPERS!!!!

Evening Shad Trips ($225 two anglers): June 1, 3, 7, 10

Full Day or Evening Trips for shad/stripers/bass:

June 5, 6, 13, 17, 23, 24, 25

July 1-3, 6-13, 15-18, 22-31

Hogan Brown