Striper time!!!!

Spent yesterday guiding the L. Sac outside of chico, ca for stripers, Largemouth, Smallies and some carp. Started the day off throwing some flies to a few striper spots and hooked up at the first spot we tried. We ended up fishing stripers most of the day as we found fish at all the spots we stoped at. We caught about 5-6 fish around the 10lb bracket and then a bunch of 18-22" keeper size fish. Missed fish, broke fish off, and had the hook pull out on what looked like a BIG fish. Overall a very good day.

We did poke a round a bit in some flats for carp and spooked a few fish but didn't find any tailing fish and the clarity was really poor so we couldn't spot any. Also checked out a few small mouth spots and couldn't find any of them. I still think it is a little early for them with the cold spring we are having. With regards to largemouth we didn't even look for them but with the warmer weather we had this last week I would imagine they are getting pretty active.

Hogan Brown