Clearwater and some Rock and Roll

If anyone is needing a non fishing related weekend with a heavy dose of Classic Indie Rock save your pennies for this....Pavement, Sonic Youth, Spoon, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Ted Leo, SuperChunk, Yo La Tengo, Chavez....oh my God the Rock is over whelming. Like all the sick indie bands I never saw.

Alright back to fishing...Spent the last few days up at Clear Water and fished Baum, Burney, Fall, was all good.

Fall: The hex hatch is going strong on fall and should go through August from what I hear. Calibaetis hatch is yet to start in the lower river but Trico spinners and PMD's are offering good dry fly fishing up river. The nymph bite has been going strong and fishing small nymphs under indicators catchs fish throughout the day.

Hat: The riffle is fishing good until about 10am. Trico spinner fall from about 8am to 9am will bring some fish fish up and then nymphing with small midges and mayflies is the ticket. Decent caddis hatches and Little yellow sallies bring fish up again during the evening. Skating caddis down in the flats at dark is the ticket if you wonder down stream.

Baum: is fishing great with good numbers of 10-12" wild and planted fish. fishing small attractor nymphs under indicators along weed beds and through the buckets is the ticket here. Find the current along weeds and you will usually find fish.

Burney: fish a stimi and a dropper above the falls and you will have more fun than you know what to do with. Go early though before the camera crowds show up and you become a photo op for the tourist.

No Striper news. I have been outta town and I had to take my boat in yesterday to get some welding done on it (no I didn't crash it, just up keep). I should get my boat back in a few days and I will hit the river like it owes me money so reports coming soon.

CHICO PEOPLE - if you have not checked the shows coming to chico here is a run down

The Hold Steady August 23
Ryan Bingham and the Dead Horses Sept 16.

Also check out Brannon Santos's Videos as they come out. The video below is his newest. and yes I am the guy missing a lot of the fish, while chico rook Darren Deel is sticken'em on the front of the farm job. Brannon is a chico guide, sig tier for idylwilde, and a steelhead swinging nut job...also some of his newer videos will have some of my tunes in the them.

Hogan Brown