Here we go...

GO IRISH!!!!! Finally we beat USC...on the road non the less with our barely 18 year old freshman back up QB. Love it!!!! Should get a decent bowl game and even maybe the bowl that they have at AT&T Park which would be sweet as then I can go and not miss much do to travel time.

In other news Guided the Lower Yuba yesterday and the weather was all over the place...Pissing Rain...freezing winds...periods of warm cloud cover...and then all over again through the cycle. Scratched out about 12-15 hook ups amongst huge swings in light conditions, air temperature, and rain. Over all a tough day and I don't think we caught more than one fish on the same fly. Baetis would get active for 10-20mins then the air temperature would drop or the wind would come up. Over all tough day but good day of winter trout fishing. We did see some big steelhead role but couldn't get them to eat and there is still salmon moving up river below the dam so winter should be good.

Other than that not a lot going on. Hope everyone had a great thanksgiving and got out to fish over the short break here. Take care.
Hogan Brown