Last few days...

Spent Saturday taking Kieth Westra and James Park of Nature Boy Designs and Leland Fly Fishing outfitters
fishing on the Lower Sac. Fishing was gonna be a bit tough as the flows dropped from 8000cfs to 5500cfs early that morning. That said we managed to hook some fish, miss some fish, and loose some big ones. The weather was beautiful and made me start looking forward to our spring. Sac should continue to fish well for the rest of winter now that is back down to more normal winter flows.

If you haven't checked out Nature boy designs click the link below as see what Keith and James are working - clothes and stickers now but SO MUCH More to come - all top secret now but it is coming so stay tuned.

Check Leland Fly fishing outfitters out as well. Top notch shop with a great web site and online sales at Red Truck Fly Fishing. They are huge supporters of Cast Hope and have a great education program through their Sonoma Ranch.

Spent Monday on the Lower Yuba. Flows have been stable at 2800-3000cfs and Deer Creek has been around 150-100cfs which is fine with the high flows in the main river. Clarity was good with a slight milky green tint. Fishing was good, but I can't imagine it being very good fishing from the bank. There are a few spots you can cherry pick some fish I imagine from the bank but it is tough to get around with the high water. That said if you can get in a boat with some one who knows how to row and knows the high water spots you can do well. We managed about 20 hook ups and most fish were in the 16-18" bracket. We did land two 20 inch fish and one was a fin clipped steelhead. Most of our fish came on various egg patterns, jimmy leggs (brown), san juan worms, rock and roller stones (brown), and Yuba rubber leggs. The Yuba is gonna fish well this coming week as the weather is suppose to be in the low to mid 60's. This should get the skwala hatch going and baetis popping.

Over and Out
Hogan Brown