Last Weekend...

I am late on a report post from last weekend. Busy week. Spent saturday chasing stripers, shad, bass on the Lower Sac outside of chico. Weather was less than ideal. No stripers to report though I did hear one guy at the ramp say he caught one 20". Did see a good number of people hooked up on shad and marked good schools of shad in the river. We only spent about an hour midday fishing for them and got one to the boat and missed a few grabs. With warmer weather forcasted this coming week the bite should get going. Did find a few bass cruising the shallows in the sloughs but no definitive beds yet and water still seems a bit cold to me.

Next day I was on the Lower Feather through the low flow. Weather was crazy - Wind, hail, lightening, thunder. Fishing was good though. We hooked 3 half pounders and 3 Adults. The adults were good 3-5lb fish, silver, and jumped all over the place. Fish came on sucker spawn and flash back PT's.

Shad fishing to come.
Hogan Brown