Lower Yuba River

Lower Yuba -
Fishing has been fair. Flows dropped from 3300cfs to 2800cfs on thurs/Fri so fishing took a bit of a hit. The drop was not a gradual drop but turn of the spigget fast drop so I think the fish got a little thrown off. Still managed 20+ fish each day I was out there but most were in the 10-14" range and the nice 15-18" fish seemed to be missing in the mix. Not that there was a ton of fish that size prior but we were getting a few. The biggest fish we got was a 20" fish on Monday.

Status of fish still seems to be the same. The river is full of 8-12" FAT fish. Good to see but that seems to be the majority of what I am catching. Usually these don't get to hold in the prime water and are forced to spots of the river that I usually don't fish. I am catching these fish in prime trout water now which leads me to start to think that the bigger fish may have been pushed down river with all the high water. Basically I am trying to hypothesis why I ( and all the others I am talking to) am catching 75% - 95% 10-12" fish. Furthermore, the bigger fish that I am catching are skinny, not total snakes but not traditional fat yuba fish. So who knows...I am curious to see what is going to happen as more and more salmon move into the river and start dropping eggs. Hopefully this will pull some fish back up into the upper river and fatten up some of the skinny fish that are still around. If not the smaller fish are gonna big really quick with all those eggs.

Flies wise i have been fishing rubber leggs, red copper johns, natural birds nests, yuba pupa's, and Morrish Hopper.

Fall Fishing is right around the corner and I still have some great dates available if anyone is interested.
Sept: 18, 25
Oct. 1, 2, 16, 29, 30
Hogan Brown