Update and Available Dates

Fall Fishing is on its way. I spent the last weekend on the lower yuba and put the boat over two large pods of salmon just above the diversion dam. The pods numbered in the 30-40 range and with the clear water it was really cool. The dropping of the flows starting Aug 22 and ending Sept 1 at around 800cfs I am thinking is pushing any salmon in the lower river up and over the diversion dam and on up the river. These were the first pods I have seen but I am sure not the only moving up the river. We fished through the pods and hooked up and landed two nice half pound steelhead that jumped all over the place and went on multiple runs.

Fishing on the Lower Yuba remains good with good numbers of hot rainbows in the 12-14” range and a few nice fish in the 16-20” range.

Lower Feather River is going to get going over the next week or two and as both steelhead and salmon fill in through the river fishing will get good.

Should see a good year on the lower sac as salmon fishing for the conventional anglers has been GOOD. Guide boats and recreational boats are getting multiple fish everyday so there are good numbers of fish moving up the river. Striper fishing remains productive and should last through September.

I still have some prime fall dates available if anyone is interested as well as discounted date this weekend.

I am offering this sunday or monday Sept 4th and 5th at a discounted rate. $295 for a full day guided trip on the Lower Sac, Lower Yuba, Lower Feather, NF feather, or Lower Sac for stripers.

Sept. (these are prime egg bite days on the L. Yuba) 18 Oct 1, 2,

Prime L. Sac steelhead/trout and Feather River steelhead Oct. 16, 29, 30, Nov 12, 13

Winter Trout and steelhead on the Lower Yuba, Butte Creek Steelhead, and winter trout and steelhead on the Lower Sac. Dec 3, 4, 10, 11, 16-23, 27-30.

*pic is from Yuba on Sunday.

Also check out a recent post I did for the http://truchacabra.wordpress.com/ this is a buddy of mines blog out in New Mexico. He owns a nice shop in Santa Fe called the Reel Life.
Hogan Brown