Lower Yuba

Fishing was good this weekend. Spent the weekend with a few really good anglers so that always helps. I did see some more salmon, but nothing and I mean nothing like usual. Found a couple redds but no salmon were active in them. Fish seemed to be anticipating the eggs as most fish came on egg patterns and big stone fly patterns (take your pick they didn't seem to be picky). Most fish were concentrated in the deeper parts of riffles down from where there are usually salmon spawning which was kinda weird as most of these spots didn't have any salmon I could see. Seems like the fishing is picking up and getting better I just can't imagine it lasting to long this year with low salmon numbers, but I could be wrong.

Heard some good reports of a few steelhead in the feather but with salmon season still open in the high flow the crowds are chaotic I guess.

Here are some pics from the weekend

Hogan Brown