Spent the weekend over on the Lower Feather River. Was gonna go back down to the Yuba but Ryan Johnston said the place was a zoo friday so no bueno. I love the yuba but inevidably every year around the first part of october the crowds arrive in form of wade fishermen and other guides. So time to move on for a few weeks....

The Lower Feather is full of salmon right now, possibly explaining and confirming the theory that is where many of the Yuba salmon are. A few runs in the upper low flow after loosing a few rigs I deamed unfishable because the number of salmon. The salmon are just starting to pair up and a few, I mean like one or two a riffle, have cut redds. During this time the salmon get pretty aggressive, chasing most steelhead out of the riffles and even aggressively eating eggs that are not of their spawn. That said we hooked limited numbers of fish. In the low flow we hooked 4 legitimate fish and landed one. All came on egg paterns in deeper water. The High Flow is cranking...I would not recomend trying to get a drift boat through the outlet as I did...a little sketchy. That said we hooked a few half pounders in the high flow but nothing great and with all the water fishing is tough. I probably won't go down there until the flows drop to around 2500-3500cfs.

That's the report now go make some of your own.
Hogan Brown