I spent the last few days on the Lower Feather and Lower Sac. Fishing was good to fair on both. Lower Feather has been fishing pretty good and has decent numbers of jumbo half pounders in the river with a few bigger adults. Still about the same numbers of salmon up on redds in the areas that I fished. Most fish came on beads or smaller attractor nymphs. Fishing should continue to be about the same could use some rain to mix things up over there and move some fish around.

Lower Sac fished fair. The egg bit is a myth and while we caught a few fish on eggs one day the other day I didn't even fish them. I didn't see one salmon on an active red. There are few salmon up in the shallows and we did catch a few fish behind them but all on bugs. If it was any other time of year I would say the fishing was good but the expectations for the 3rd week of October on the L. Sac are pretty high and we no where near reached those expectations. Most fish came on birds nest, Caddis poopahs, and S&M's. The caddis hatch midday was pretty good and fish got on the bigger caddis patterns later in the day...Not sure what to expect from the L. Sac going forward.
Hogan Brown