What is coming Up.

The heat is here!!! Who knows how long it will stay though as rain is forecasted for the North State again on Thursday but Spring Weather in the mid 70’s to low 80’s is forecasted through May 8th...though this time of year that can change on a daily basis. Late spring and summer fishing will be here shortly as the general season trout opener is next weekend. With a mild wild and less then normal snow pack in most places fishing in both the mountains and the valley is going to get started early this year. Here is what I will be booking over the next few months and where I will be fishing.

Full Day of fishing for 2: $395
Includes drinks, lunch, snacks, flies, tackle, and rod/reel use

Half Day of fishing for 2: $295
Includes drinks, snacks, flies, tackle, and rod/reel use

Evening Shad/striper/bass trip for 2: $225
Includes drinks, flies, tackle, and rod/reel use

Available Dates:
May 12, 13, 22 (evening), 25 (evening), 28, 29 (evening),
June 2-7, 10, 12, 14, 15, 17, 22, 25-27, 30
July 1-3, 9, 16-22, 26-27, 30, 31

Lower Yuba will see PMD, Caddis, Lil’Yellow Salley, and Golden Stone Fly hatches coming up. Run off this year should be much shorter then usual and May through July are going to be great this year on the Lower Yuba.

Lower Sac is fishing great right now and the lower river should fish really well this summer as less run off will allow us to get on the lower floats starting in June if not earlier.

Lower Feather has seen record returns of spring run steelhead and fish should be in the system for atleast another month. With the warm weather the caddis are popping and swinging flies and fishing dries along with nymphing are great ways to fish for these hot spring fish.

SHAD!!! It is going to be shad time very soon. I have caught shad on the Sac outside of chico as early as May 5 on low water warmer years. May through June is prime shad time. Low water years are typically great shad years as the fish get concentrated. Book now for best availability as these dates go quick

BASS - bass fishing is turning on as fish are moving into the shallows in various bodies of water around chico and on the lower Sac. Both small mouth and large mouth bass fishing should be getting really good really soon. Combo trips on the L. Sac for shad and bass are a great way to spend a day and see a new fishery.

Stripers - Striper fishing is just getting going with the first signs of the migratory run showing up around colusa and on the feather. Should be another great striper year on the L. Sac. Best time for stripers is May-August.

North Fork Feather - the North Fork opens this coming weekend and once run off subsides I will be doing float trips down various stretches. This is a raft trip and not for the faint of heart. Floating this river is the only way to access various spots and I truly believe this is one of the most under fished rivers in the state.

Chico Small Streams - there are tons of small streams directly east of chico, ca. I guide these perfect 3-4wt little guys all summer so if you are looking to get away and throw some dries on your small stream rod there is no better place.

Mountain Lakes - I will be doing some limited guiding on Lake Almanor and various lakes in that area during various hex hatches and such. All fishing is done from my new 17 foot boat. There are some amazing hex hatches and fish up in this area and over the last few summers I have gotten more and more fond of this area so it is time to share it.

Clearwater Lodge - as in previous years I will be working at the Clear Water Lodge out of Fall River Mills. I will guiding on all stretches of the Pit (including raft trips down #1), Fall River, Hat Creek, all the springs and lakes surrounding Fall River, and a few other secret spots. If anyone is interested in putting a trip together or just fishing for the day get in contact with me as Clear Water Lodge has some great deals right now on stays.

Thanks and I hope to hear from everyone soon.
Hogan Brown