With June 3 weeks away summer is nearly officially and un-officially here. Many rivers are coming into shape as run off subsides but with reservoirs feet from being filled I imagine there maybe a second wave of run off when we get some consistent HOT weather and the night time temps stay hot as well. Here is what is happening and what is coming up.

Lower Yuba has dropped into shape and is stable at 2337 cfs with good clarity. Fishing has been good. Hatches should pick up over the next few weeks as the river settles into the new flow. We are entering prime time on the Lower Yuba for spring/early summer hatches. The weeks following run off see PMD, caddis, stoneflies, and all sorts of mixed hatches kicking into gear. Fish will be on the grab coming off high and off color flows and fishing will only get better as we move through June and July.

Lower Sacramento River is still fishing consistent for trout up through redding but I have began to turn my attention to the lower river looking for shad, stripers, bass, and carp. Shad fishing is picking up as people are starting to catch a few here and a few there down around Princeton up through chico. Flows have been  hovering around 10,000cfs coming out of Keswick but drop down to around 7000cfs around Ord Bend as we are in the middle of Rice Irrigation season. Once that is over here shortly the river down by Chico/Ord Bend should jump up moving fish up the river. This will also help move the migratory stripers up river and give the resident fish a bit more water making them a bit more comfortable. Smallies and Big mouth bass are waking up in the sloughs and I have seen a few fish up on beds and cruising the shallows. It is going to be getting really good really soon out there.

North Fork Feather River is still a bit high on various stretches but fishing should be turning on with in the next few weeks as the flows began to drop. I am going to make a trip up there this week to scope out some new Raft Drop ins. Soon this will have some of the best trout fishing around…also smallies.

Coming Up…
Small and Big Mouth Bass Fishing on the Lower Sac and various waters around Chico
Carp Fishing on the Lower Sac and various waters around Chico
raft trips down the North Fork Feather for trout and small mouth
Shad/Striper fishing on the Lower Sac
Almanor/Butt Lake Hex hatch
Davis Lake Damsels
Small Stream Fishing East of Chico
Top water bass fishing outside of chico

If any of this sounds interesting feel free to shoot me an email or phone call for more info. June is almost booked so hurry to get one of the last remaining dates or look towards July and mid summer striper, bass, or trout fishing.

June: 3, 6, 12, 17, 26, 30
July: 1-3, 9, 17-22, 25-27, 30, 31
Aug: 1-3, 6-9

Hogan Brown