Lets do this thing...

...called summer fishing.

 First off checkout hgb fly fishing on Facebook. Just created this page and am pretty good about adding statuses regarding fishing and what is going on...just search hgb fly fishing and that should get you to it...

Wow it is here, so many places to go fishing right now. The weather is absolutely gourgeous with mid 80's to low 90's with a nice cool breeze. I haven't had my air conditioner on in my car or truck in weeks and that is NOT normal for June in Chico. Here is what I have been doing and what I know...

Lower Sac:
Herring Report - It is prime shad time right now.  They are spread all over the place in the Lower Sac outside of chico. Ryan Johnston and I have been having 20-40+ fish nights. The river is low so there is many wade fishing spots for the non boat angler.
Small mouth and Large mouth - fishing has been good as well with good top water bites in the evening and a few fish up sitting on beds.
Striper - I have heard of a few being caught but I fished an evening this week trying out some new lines and didn't get a bump. With so many shad in the river it is tough to interest them in a clouser. 
Wading for smallies on the L. Sac...one of my favorite things

Nice Mama shad
Lower Yuba is fishing well. I floated the river this week and we did well. The river is holding steady around 1800cfs and is gin clear. This is a tough flow to wade fish the river but I did see some guys crossed the river at Hamanond Grove/Sycamore. There was a bit of wind so the caddis, PMD's, and Yellow Sallies had a tough time getting going. Most of our fish came on stonefly nymphs and attractor bugs. While I love the nice breeze we have been getting it makes it tough for dry fly fishing as it seems it is just enough to cause the bugs to struggle. I did start to see some hoppers so that was a good sign as well.

I am hoping to get out on the North Fork Feather this coming week and do some trout fishing so I will post some info for up there once I do. Today I gotta joint birthday party for my boys then back on the L. Yuba and Lower Sac.

Hogan Brown