Up date

Ya it has been a while I know…Don’t judge.  I have been busy guiding, fishing, sampling fermented brews of sorts, playing music, and working on Cast Hope related stuff (www.casthope.org). Chico is in the midst of summer and fishing is good for those willing to get out and do it. Here some reports, ramblings, and declarative statements.

Lower Yuba River has been having a great summer. One of the best hopper years I have seen with great dry fly fishing throwing hopper patterns midday through the evening. Nymphing has been catching a few fish but most of the fish seem to be on the banks and not hanging in the riffles where most people nymph. Flows are hovering around 2200cfs so wading is a challenge and most of the fish have been catching are not in areas that are easily fished by wading. Ryan Johston had a client streamer fishing the other day and caught a few nice fish on streamers as well.

Lower Sacramento Trout fishing has been good on the lower floats from Barge Hole to Bend and I am thinking about going down lower this week as there should be some steelhead showing up soon, if not right now. The Sac should only start to fish m’’’’’l’river.

Lower Sacramento Striper fishing is good. With the opening of salmon season down through chico many of the stripers have moved out of the deeper water and are up on the banks chasing bait. As the shad have disappeared the stripers have gotten more grabby and both fishing subsurface and top water is catching fish. Now through August should be good to great fishing for stripers.

In other news…
Go buy the new Gas Light Anthem CD “Handwritten” …. Great American rock band. If you want a sampling check out this concert they did a the Ed Sullivan Theater.

Hogan Brown