Fishing and the fighting Irish

Spent a few days sense the last report guiding the Lower Sac and the Lower Yuba. Fishing was fair to good at times but for the most part the fish seem to have entered their late fall funk. Pretty much gorged and feasted on eggs for like 4-6 weeks and now are just hunkered down watching some football and digesting. We did catch fish on both rivers and winter fishing should get going in the next few weeks and with that the fish will get into their winter mode.

The Lower Sac was a bit off color when I fished it so we had to head up and do the Possie to Bonnie View float. We hooked and landed some really nice fish but we did have to work for them. Most were hooked on small midge and mayfly nymphs in the 18 variety. We did hook a few fish on attractor egg patterns and beads. We did find most of our fish in bug water and not sitting in the redds but there are still some fish hanging in various redds. I would expect the river to be tough for a week or so more and then the baetis will get going and the fish will get feeding again.
Lower Sac 20"

Lower Sac piggy

The Lower Yuba had great clarity late this week. I would say fishing was fair. Again like the sac most of our fish came on small mayfly and midge nymphs. Fish seemed to be holding in bug water and the fishing did seem to be better in the upper river. I tend to think that fish move up river this time of year following the late run salmon and looking for eggs that still may be around...that or fish in the lower river just go into a food coma. We did get some fish on caddis and saw a few fish feeding on the surface but nothing consistent. I don't think we got one grab on eggs even when fishing behind some fresh winter salmon cutting redds in the lower river. I am sure the fishing can be good on any given day this time of year but I think as we move into to december fishing will get more consistent as baetis hatches become more regular and fish move into their winter haunts and routines.

The IRISH!!!!
Yes the Irish finished up 12-0 against USC last night and how fitting that the season ended with an 8 play goal line stand. I was fortunate enough to be watching the game with my dad and two boys. While this puts us into the National Championship for me the undefeated season is the real prize. Without a playoff I can't feel that any team is a true "National Championship"contender. I would love to see a playoff with Oregon, K-State, Alabama, Georgia, Ohio State, and Notre Dame...then we would see who the Champion is. Either way I hope last night solidified Manti's bid for the Hiesman and I am ready for the best time of bowl season!!!!
Hogan Brown