Pre Weekend Report

I spent a few days out over the last week on the L. Yuba and L. Sac.

The lower Yuba has been stable for over a week now around 1900cfs and clarity is improving everyday. These are great flows and with a little color fishing is better then if the water is gin clear. At this flow there is some wade water open to wade fishermen but not a ton.

Fish seem to have adjusted to the flows and moved into normal holding water though are still not keyed on the normal bugs for this time of year. Most fish we caught were on egg patterns, rubber legs, and worm patterns. I fished smaller mayflies and such with no success. I am sure though as the water clears and the baetis and skwala hatches get going smaller mayfly nymphs will start to catch some fish. I know a few guys have started throwing skwala dries with no luck but I am sure it is going to be getting going soon.

The Lower Sac is back in good enough shape and fishing was good this past week. Not huge numbers of fish but great size. The clarity is still marginal up high but the lower you get down the river the better the clarity gets. We ended up hooking some really nice trout on egg patterns and rubber legs. I tried to fish some smaller mayfly nymphs and caught a few fish on Hunch Back PT's.

Both the lower Sac and Lower Yuba should start to stabilize and with no significant rain in the forecast should stay stable for a while. Winter fishing over the next 2 months should be really good on these rivers.

Butte Creek is stable around 360-400cfs and clear. These are great wading flows but a bit low to float so I have not been on the creek recently.

Notre Dame did a bit worse then I expected ... When your team gets slaughtered on national television like mine did you take some flack. I was dissapointed, but I was not expecting to win the game. I thought it would be close, but Alabama would win out in the end...I did not think we would get steam rolled. Bottom line is we were un-ranked going into the season and 8-5 the last two years so going 12-1 and losing the national championship game is a huge improvement. I watched the whole game and will be a fan my entire life any fan rides the ups and the downs that is what a fan does. Furthermore, I never would of thought that the Giants and the Irish would be playing for their respective titles in the same season...Great year for my teams.

Here is some fish porn from the last week ...

Sac piggy

Sac Trout

Deep Sac fish

Nice Yuba fish

Hogan Brown