Report and Random information

Spring I think is officially here as day time temps are reaching anywhere from 70-80 degrees and I have officially pulled out my flip flops.  Among my fellow guide buddies I am always the last guy to go flip flops and shorts in the boat so this is a telling sign. night time temperatures still get down from the high 30's to low 50's so there are some big swings in the morning and evening temps once the sun goes down.

The Lower Sac has been fishing great with some large numbers of fish being caught. This is where I have been spending the most time. March is traditionally the start of the caddis hatches but there has been a smorgesboard of hatches lately with PMD's, Baetis, and March Brown's out in the morning followed by the caddis hatch. This is a great time of year on the Lower Sac as the weather is beautiful and the fishing is great!

I have not been on the Lower Yuba much sense the Lower Sac has been fishing so good. I usually move over to the Yuba starting in April for the PMD hatches. I have talked to a few buddies that have said the Yuba is fishing good but the fishing is pretty technical. Clear water and finicky fish eating March Browns and some early PMD's when the hatches come off. Nymphing has been decent and the fish are holding the riffles there is plenty of water to nymph with fish in the flats and riffles. April is a great month on the L. Yuba and one of my favorite of the year so fishing is only going to get better over on the Yuba.

There has been a few reports of spring steelhead on the Feather, Ryan J. has gone over there and had a decent day or two hooking a few fresh adult fish and a few half pounders. April and May are the best months here so it is still a bit early. Come april there should be decent numbers of fresh spring fish in the river and the cadddis should get going so swinging caddis patterns on switch rods or light spey rods is a great option.

Bass are starting to get active. I have talked to a few guys that have been going out to some lakes around chico and getting into some fish but I think night time temps need to get a bit warmer to help warm up and turn over some water to get the bass really going. April and May should be great this year with the early spring.

Shad and stripers should get going soon to as April and May arrive.

Athletic news...
March madness is here!!! and the brackets are out with the "first four" games starting tonight with St. Mary's locally getting it going. I love the NCAA tourney and everything tourney related!!! I got my bracket filled out yesterday and it was tough based on the up and down nature of the season with so many teams looking great then falling apart. I am not a multiple bracket guy though. I fill out one and run with run in all my pools and wagering. Pick and commit!!!!

I am also loving the World Baseball Classic...even though I kind of feel like I am in the minority here. It is great baseball in March and beats the MLB network replays of spring training games every night. I have noticed that I am really the only person I know watching it though. I have tried to talk about it with some buddies and I mise well of started talking about MLS Soccer.

Staying on baseball news I have caught a few giant spring games on the radio or TV and there is some great young talent coming up. Johnny Monel is going to give Hector Sanchez a run for the 2nd catchers spot and the young pitchers Blackburn, Krick, and Stratton are looking GREAT!!!

Booze News...
I am not proud of it but I have been drinking the new Budweiser Black Crown...really good and kind of a guilty pleasure.

Random things Clients Say (a new addition to the Blog)...
Client: "Can the trout even tell the difference between a caddis and a PMD?"
Me: "I don't know can you tell the difference between a steak and an Ice cream cone?"
Client: "Well isn't it all just silhouette?"
Me: "Ya that is pretty important...Ice Cream Cone/Steak...silhouette a bit different last time I checked"

Hogan Brown