Up date from the last week

Spring weather has been here one day gone the next lately. Early this week the weather was gorgeous and then a pretty decent storm that dumped some serious rain moved in Thursday. There is suppose to be some rain and clouds for the next few days then by Monday it is suppose to be back to 70s and even some low 80s spring weather. I have spent most of my time this week on the Lower Yuba and exploring some bass spots. Here are some reports and what is coming up…

Lower Yuba
Spent a few days on the Lower Yuba this last week. Fishing was very good. We had 20-30 hook ups each day and a few fish in the 18-22” range though most were in the 14” range. Flows have dropped to right around 1000cfs. I hope this is short lived and flows will come up again soon with some rain and/or run off on its way. While most people are looking for dry fly fishing this time of year I found very little of it. We caught all our fish on nymphs and while there were fish coming up but most were one and done. There was a few march browns spinners around the bridge and a say maybe half dozen on the water drying their wings through out the day. I think if you hike up from the bridge and get into the canyon the march brown hatch might be pretty good. The canyon shields the wind and breeze which can really put these bugs down.

Most our fish came on a new march brown nymph I am working on the S&M PMD nymph. We did catch some fish midday on copper bead birds nest and red copper johns. Nothing on the Jimmy leg or sucker spawn. The fish seemed to be concentrated on drop offs and the deeper water down from the riffles. Saw a few caddis but nothing that lead me to fish any caddis larva or pupa. PMD’s, Caddis, and Little yellow sallies should get going soon as there is some warm weather forcasted for the next week. April and May are one of favorite times to be on the Lower Yuba. Great time for dry fly and nymph fishing.

22" Yuba Fish from the last week

Lower Sacramento
Lower Sac is still fishing well. Fish are fattening up for the spawn and mayflies are still the main food. Things should start to get a bit tough in the upper river as fish began to spawn but this usually means the mid and lower river get going which have some of the coolest floats on the river.

Lower Feather
I have yet to get out for the spring steelhead on the Lower Feather but I continue to see pictures and hear reports of good fishing. Should get good over the next month as the caddis start to get going consistently.

Clearwater Lodge
I will again be guiding a limited amount up at Clearwater lodge on the Fall River, Pit River, Hat Creek, and Baum Lake along with a few other spots. This is a great place to get away and fish some of the best trout water in the state.

Shad fishing is about a month away as fish usually start getting caught around the first week or two of May with fishing peaking the last two week of May through the first two weeks of June. I have many evening shad trips available for the coming season but they book quickly.

Bass, Carp, and Stripers
Spring and Summer are prime Bass, Carp, and Striper time. I spend most of my free time fishing on the Lower Sac in the sloughs and flats chasing  bass and carp as well as chasing stripers in the river throughout the summer. I have many different Bass and Carp spots outside of chico as well as some smallmouth bass spots East of Chico up in the foothills. Striper fishing will pick up Early May and last through September with the prime time being Late June through Late August.

Sports Report
I love this time of year!!! The NCAA tournament and the start of baseball are about as fun a time of year for sports. The Giants have looked good so far taking 2 out of 3 from the dodgers and 1 so far from St. Louis in 1-0 win for Zito. So far so good for the G-Men. I am a bit skeptical about the Torres/Blanco rotation in the outfield and we are not scoring runs like I would like. 6 hits today and we score 1 run on a walk…Not good. Still early and situational at bats are tough early in the season I just am a worrier.

On a side note HGB Fly Fishing bought its first sports franchise – the Chico East Side Little League T-Ball Mud Cats. Ticket sales have been a bit slow but we are hoping things pick up. Squads playing good ball and enjoying their snacks so all is well.
Big League

Booze and Fired Cooked Meat
Upgraded the booze lately. Been drinking some “Shift” by New Belgium Ale. I have been a on a burger kick the last few days as well. Mixing some blue cheese into my ground beef patties and cubed cheddar cheese as well. 

Hogan Brown