Cast Hope Pledge Drive

As Many of you know I am part of the non-profit Cast Hope. I have been a part of Cast Hope from its inception. We are a group of fly fishing guides that started a non profit about 6 years ago with the goal of introducing low income and under served kids in Northern California and their mentors (parent, grand parent, big brother/big sister, friend, grand parent, anyone that is important in their lives) to the sport of fly fishing and the outdoors by taking them on free guiding fly fishing trips. We have grown exponentially with the support of the fly fishing industry and outdoor industry. We have grown to include conservation and sustainability education through our guided fishing trips, fish fest, clinics, and camping trips. Through our fish fest's and clinics we give away free fly rods, flies, terminal tackle, and outdoor clothing to both kids and mentors to help eliminate the financial hurdles of getting out fly fishing and enjoying the outdoors. In a nut shell we are teaching kids to use their local watersheds, appreciate them, and become advocates to conserve them.

Below you will see a flier for our annual Pledge Drive where we offer great custom Cast Hope gear in exchange for a pledge amount. This is a great way to make a difference and get some new gear for the summer and fall fishing season. Thanks for taking the time to look this over and if nothing else check out 
to see what we are all about.

For more information shoot me an email at

Hogan Brown