short report and pics...

The Weather had been great here in chico the last few days. Nice warm days in the 90’s with cool mornings and evenings. Perfect for summer striper and trout fishing. I have been chasing stripers mostly over the last week. Here are some pics and short reports…

Lower Sacramento River Stripers – Like most fishing we have been having fair to great days of striper fishing. Most people are hooking a fair number of small fish and then a few nice 5-10lb fish a day. We have had shots at some monsters on a few days as well with some big schools of laid up fish along weed lines and even had a monster follow a smaller fish we hooked. Even hooked a nice fin clipped steelhead on a clouser earlier this week. Summer striper fishing on the sac for the resident fish and hanger outers migratory fish is a tough game. Some days it seems easy some days it seems there are no fish for miles. Either way it is a great way to spend a day on a really cool stretch of water and all most people need to see is a 20-30lb fish follow their fly and they will cast for hours.

Lower Sac Trout – I have not been on the Lower Sac in a few weeks but have heard from talking to other guides that fishing has been pretty tough. Key seems to be to stay out late or do and evening float. Fish seemed to be keyed into the hatches in the evening and kind of sit and sulk until then.

Lower Yuba Trout – I have not been on the Lower Yuba lately as well but will be over the next few weeks. Fishing I have heard has been good though but mainly fishing nymphs. The hopper fishing has been so so and yet to really get going from what I have heard. That said I would not hesitate to throw some hoppers around midday in likely water. The flows are up around 1700 and this creates some nice holding water along the bank and willows. Best hopper water is the deeper buckets along the banks with a bit of current going over or along them.

Sports Report – no comment regarding the giants. Gonna keep things on the positive with good fishing reports.

Hogan Brown