Friday Fishing Report

Feather River – The Low Flow has dropped to 1000cfs and should stay there through the fall. The big news is that the High Flow had dropped down to 1730 which is LOW for this time of year but should slow down the upstream migrating salmon and get the ones that are in the river up in the riffles cutting redds. I talked to a few guys that have been smallie and striper fishing out of Yuba City and have been seeing a bunch of fresh salmon coming up the river still so it should be a pretty good run this year of salmon. The hatchery opened up the gates this week and fish poured in. So there should be a great batch of fish to harvest eggs from this year.
Most people that have been getting out for steelhead have been getting a few fish here and there. The ones that I have heard that have caught fish are getting nice sized chrome bright adults. Salmon in the low flow are just starting to pair up so the egg bite is still a few weeks away and I think the High Flow is not far behind. All the fish I have caught have been on nymphs so the steelhead are not even really keying on eggs yet but that I would still fish an egg when out there.

Lower Sacramento River Trout/Steelhead – I was on the Sac this last weekend both days and had fair fishing both days I did a float that fellow guides did “amazing” on the day before. Typical should have been here yesterday deal as those same guides were on the float both days and said those exact words…That said that is pretty typical of this time of year as fish start to get on the egg bite and start to pile on food for the fall. The flows are down to 7650 coming out Keswick and are around this flow all the way down to Irvine Finch west of Chico. I caught my fish on beads, rubber legs, and small mayfly nymphs. Most of the fish came in typical, what we call bug water, I did not find fish up in the riffles looking for eggs but fish in the bug water ate beads so they know the eggs are coming. Most of the guides I know have all hooked a few steelhead so far and while I didn’t get any this weekend I know they are out there and on their way up river. I would expect the Lower Sac to be getting really good here any time.

Lower Yuba – Flows are low, down to 750cfs and fishing has been pretty good. Fish are moving up into the riffles looking for eggs and the last time I was on the river I got most of my fish on attractor nymphs and egg patterns which means they are eating bugs turned up in salmon redds and looking for juevos coming down river. I would say the Yuba is going to get really good here any day.

Bottom line is that fall fishing is days away and if you would like to get out I still have a few fall dates and plenty of winter steelhead and trout dates. If you have any questions or would like to book a date look over the list of dates below and shoot me an email or phone call.

Nov. 17, 24-27
Dec. 27-31
Jan. 2-12, 18-20, 25-26, 
Hogan Brown