Monday Morning Product preparation for Spring and Summer.

I am a big believer in the little things in life. It is the little things that make a difference in the world. My world is ripe with examples of this…Yellow mustard on a hot dog vs. spicy brown, or eating that hot dog at a ball game or at home can change that hot dog from just a hot dog to a religious experience…. A little to the left or a little to the right on a clients cast to a trout sipping in the foam or a striper cruising a weed line can change ecstasy to abject failure in a few seconds, and a cast with such promise becomes a cast that haunts them for weeks or years… I have made a few casts that still haunt me today.

It is these little things that I have always thought Simms Fishing Products has done so well. Any angler that has ever worn Simms products comes to realize very quickly that they make the most durable, comfortable, and innovative fishing products around. Add the fact that they use the best fabrics and technology available and they make the best fishing products on the globe. That said because of those things I think many anglers over look the little things that make Simms Products so good.

It easy to review waders, boots, and jackets, as these are all big ticket items and one would expect these things to address the little things when it comes to features, but what is so great is that Simms pays attention to the little things whether it is on a $500 pair of waders or a $20 trucker hat….and these little things are what make the difference between good and the industry’s best.

2 Examples

Trout Trucker, Bass Trucker, Tarpon Trucker
Everyone wears trucker hats now a days, from the 20 something year old slanging flies at my local fly shop to my 65 year old client talking about the good old days on my local river. Personally, I wear the Trout or Bass trucker on a daily basis. They are so sweat stained after the last spring and summer that they are about 3-4 different colors across the front. This looks a little funky, but makes for some serious fish mojo. One might think that these are just cheap trucker hats that Simms throws their logo on and then charges $20 for…no no no my friend, someone put some thought into these. Under the bill of these caps is black and most trucker hats do NOT have black under bills. Well it is the little things that make a difference, like the addition of one more twist of dubbing that takes a perfectly proportioned birds nest to a vintage 70’s Penthouse bushy birds nest that no self respecting trout in the river will eat. Black under bills on hats reduce glare when wearing sunglasses while on the water or anywhere for that matter. Ask Major League baseball why all their Majestic Game Hats, no matter what color the team is, or the hat is, have black under bills. Just like the Bigs, Simms does the little things.

Black under bills...Just like the Biggs.
 Sun Armor
As a fly fishing guide in Northern California I spend a lot of time in the sun. To avoid my dermatologist spraying too much liquid nitrogen on my face, and tainting the limited good looks I was blessed with I wear the Sun Armor Facemask. Prior to my local sales rep giving me the Sun Armor Facemask I had been wearing the traditional buff tube thing. I always had a few issues with it… One, the triangle sunburn that I would get from the area my buff never covered at the opening of my collared fishing shirt that I always forgot to put sunscreen on. Two, the danger of almost crashing my 17’ motor boat when blasting up or down river because my sunglasses fog up when I have my buff pulled up over my nose to protect my face from bugs. This situation would result in me trying to wipe my glasses while driving my boat and then inevitably a bug would fly in my unprotected eye and then I would be forced to drive with one eye. This leads to a serious reduction in my depth perception that is a hazard not only to myself, and anyone in my boat, but everyone else on the river.
Simms Sun Armor = no burring triangle or boat crashes due to fogged up sun glasses

I have always had these issues with Buffs and I have never shared them with anyone, I just assumed they were a small price to pay for a face free of skin cancer and liquid nitrogen burns– though I have had enough triangle burns I may have off set any benefits at this point.  The beauty of the Sun Armor Face Mask is Simms addressed these issues – little things my friends. Simms created a longer split neck line section which results in a flap that I can tuck in the back and front of my shirt preventing the burning triangle and even created laser cut breathing holes that prevent my glasses from fogging up and me crashing while blasting around in my motor boat. Now, I am sure these were not intended results, but these are the little things that Simms pays attention to and in doing so created the best facemask on the mark.

Hogan Brown