Umpqua Please remember the #1 Rule for all cover bands...

I am sure everyone has followed the Umpqua vs. Idylwilde drama over the inter web and with in the fly fishing industry. I have stayed pretty quiet about the whole deal as I try to avoid dog fights and poop throwing as best I can, but now Umpqua Feather Merchants is tying and selling my flies without my permission...that in and of it self is lame and pretty un cool but lets be honest some guys play in bands and write originals some guys play in casinos and cover songs. If Umpqua wants to be a cover band more power to them...BUT never forget the #1 rule of being in a cover band: if you can't nail the song don't play it.

Check out the pictures below and see for your self...if your first reaction is wow those flies are different you are right. Every material from the hook to the thread is wrong, and the fly is even tied wrong...No cover band mess's up that bad. Come on Umpqua class it up. No bad cover band ever played the Filmore.

Consumers, Anglers, Guides, Shops...Don't be fooled by lame nock offs. The real stuff PLUS new stuff, even Hogan's Amigo (The fly pattern that I came up with when everyone started fishing the S&M nymph...gotta stay ahead of the game) is coming out Spring/Fall 2014 through Montana Fly Co.

is that the wrong proportions and materials...why yes it is

is that the wrong hook...yes it it a cheap hook...of course

Is that the wrong material again...yes it is.
Hogan Brown