Friday is picture day…Beer Day…and Music Day...

Beer … Had a few bottle of Ninkasi Brewing Company Tricerahops Double IPA…if you have had this I must make the clarification that I did not have these "few bottles" in one sitting. There was a few 24 hour cycles between them. I have had this stuff before, first trying it up in WA about 3 years ago…Very good and very under appreciated new brewery, though they are part of Sierra Nevada's Beer Camp Across America 12 pack…they did a nice light Double Latte: Coffee Milk Stout. If you have not heard about Beer Camp Across America and the upcoming 12 pack release check it out

Music…So I am late to this band I know, but so others are not here we go. Blitzen Trapper … GREAT Rock, Alt Country, Indie Band. I bought American Goldwing and Fur but I am going to get the newest Album VII this week as well. I think American Goldwing is my favorite of the two albums I have so far…Also just bought the new Front Bottoms EP and am listening to it as I type this out…So far so good. These guys are hard to classify… kind of indie folk I guess…Great lyrics and melodies.

It is summer folks…fish, drink, listen to music. Life is short. Enjoy.

Hogan Brown