Reports on a tuesday...

Lower Sacramento River –
Largemouth – Top water fishing has been good during the evening in the back waters and sloughs. Weeds are coming up, frogs are active, and bass are focused on the surface. On most evenings fish are cruising the and we have been able to sight fish to some nice fish in the 3-5lb range with frog patterns.  I have also been seeing some fish chase the smaller bluegill so I am sure a bluegill pattern would be a good idea as well. Not sure how long this fishing will last as the weeds are coming up pretty good in the back waters with the lower flows and lower water.

Smallmouth – Fishing has been hit or miss…Find them one day not the next. Fishing sinking lines and weighted flies is the ticket for these guys.  A buddy of mine did pull a nice fish off a weed bed this weekend and I had clients drop a few fish crawling flies in a few runs.

Carp – Some nice carp are getting up on the few flats that have water up on them. I have had clients hook about a fish or two on each flat before they are toasted and the fish bail out for deeper water. Not sure how long this is going to last with the weeds coming up and fish getting a little spooky with the lack of water.

Shad – Shad fishing has been fair to good just depends on the night. The river has been crowded with shad fishermen most nights but there is plenty of fish and room for everyone.

Stripers – are fat and happy on the bottom of the river digesting shad.

Lower Yuba River – I have not been on the river for a while but flows are good around 1140cfs. I have heard the caddis, PMD, and PED hatches have been decent some afternoons and evenings depending on day time temperatures. Usually at this time of year the cooler the day the earlier that hatch.
Hogan Brown