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Here we are mid January and things about how they usually are mid January the last few years…there are some options, though limited and weather dependent, AND in need of rain….

Lower Yuba River - I spent two days on the Lower Yuba River over the weekend and fishing was poor to sorta fair. The river is low 550cfs and clearing everyday. I would say that it is about a few days away from gin clear. There are bugs out and fish eating but I think the low and clear flows are starting to really affect the fishing. I have yet to see a skwala adult but have risen a few fish to skwala dries, nothing I would term as "good skwala dry fly fishing" …. that said I am of the opinion that the skwala hatch is one of the more overrated hatches on the Yuba. I think many anglers get blinded by the throwing of big dry flies in january and forget about how many fish they actually rise or catch on a skwala dry…that said there are good days but it is pretty inconsistent compared to other hatches. 

Most fish that I saw come to the surface were taking Mayflies. There are some darker traditional BWO's in a #18 coming off at times, some lighter size #16 mayflies coming off in what seems better numbers, and there are some bank emerging mayflies in a size#12-14 that around. They look like gray drakes but I think they are some sort of Isonychia. I saw a ton of them on rocks right at the rivers edge drying their wings and then got a picture of some schuks on the rocks as well.  We tried fishing #14 may fly and a #16 in likely mayfly water and did not rise a fish. Most of our fish came nymphing with rubber legs, egg patterns, and variations of flash back Pheasant Tails in sizes 16-14. One thing I did have to do with the lower flows is lighten up my weight and go to a much smaller nymph rig…smaller indicator and lighter weight. 
Looks like Isonychia schucks to me…not sure though
Not many fish but some nice ones

With the current flows I think the wade angler has the advantage in most spots as banging a boat down a run and then fishing it is a little tough and there is not enough flow in the flats to make the deeper water a likely holding place. I think the best thing for a boat angler is to actually get out and wade fish the runs before putting the boat down them. Just my 2 cents. 

Nice close up of a great fish

Butte Creek - We need rain!

Lower Sacramento River - As many know Lake Shasta is blown out and this is resulting in the river from Redding down being really muddy. This could take months to clear up and that is a pretty crappy situation. That said a few guys are going out and trying to catch fish with very very limited success. Not good news for February and March which are GREAT months on the Lower Sac for trout. 

IN other Sac news the salmon smolt are making their way out and I have made a few jaunts out to see if  some of the bigger stripers are feeding. I have had some luck finding fish but not much luck getting them to eat…saw some blow ups and got a few half hearted tugs last time I was out but that was about it. 

Music News - discovered a great band…American Aquarium from Raleigh North Carolina. GREAT americana, southern rock style band. They have a few albums out but have new one coming out Feb 3 that I am anxiously awaiting. Just great songs about life with 3 guitars, keyboard, and lap steel!…can't go wrong with that combo. Check out their website and watch the videos for "Wolves" and "The Man I am Supposed to be" off the new album coming out plus they have all their previous albums to listen to as well via sound cloud. Good stuff.

FITNESS NEWS in Place of Booze News…Fitness news, not proud…So, I am pretty good about getting my yearly physical in August and this year my doctor in my home town laid it out for me…I have had the same doctor sense I was like 18 and he is about as avid a fly fishermen as there comes…owns property on the Madison, Fished spey rods back when Sage made the Traditional and European Action models…built his own wood drift boat…so when he lays it down, he doesn't hold back…we got history. So he told me I had some high cholesterol, was one percent away on my BMI from being obese and I wasn't getting any younger…He basically told me what I knew….. I was 35 eating, drinking, and living like I was 25 and I needed to make a change…"I row a drift boat for exercise" didn't really work anymore. 

Now don't worry I didn't go join one of those meat head gyms or drink the coolaid at one of those Cross Fit Cults that think jumping up and down on a box is a sport (Cross Fit games is not a sport - just saying)….though I did buy a fitbit aka the over 35 soccer mom watch. What I did do was really start to watch what I eat - no cheese, fried food, limit red meat, no snacking, no desert, and a whole lot less drinking - really no drinking. I also started running about 2-3 miles everyday I am not guiding…good news I have lost 20lbs or so, bad news it sucks. As Darrin Deel said with complete seriousness and honesty, "you know Gabe would call you a pussy"…I hung my head and said…"yes, yes he would" 

running sucks, not drinking sucks, eating healthy sucks - someone asked me are you training for a marathon or race…no just long life and many fishing trips with my kids. All that said I feel better then I have in years, have more energy, sleep better, recover faster from activity, you name it…I love scotch, onion rings, and butter but feeling good is worth it! --- Long way around the "I have no booze news" news. 

Sports Report - I have some issues with what the giants are doing for 2015 but I have no critique as I have put all my faith in the organization and am residing myself to just wait and watch…no bitching with 3 world series under the current regime. 
Hogan Brown