Cool Event: Sacramento Spey Day Information

Here is more info on this exciting inaugural event, Sacramento Spey Day co sponsored by Kiene's American Fly Fishing Company, and Fly Fishing Specialties:
1. Below is info on where the event will be held, Sacramento Bar, north side of the American River.  At the time of deadline to California Fly Fisher, the exact location was not decided upon for many reasons.
2. The event is for people of all levels of spey casting ability, complete novice to advanced, all free of charge except fee entry of $5 for parking.  Donuts, bagels, fruit, yogurt and drinks are provided free of charge 
3. Hours, 9 AM to 2 PM
4. Everything Spey will be here, leading rod/reel/line MFG companies and owners
5. RSVP's are required to either store, please, for many reasons, so get your names on the list -

Kiene's American Fly Fishing - 916.486.9958, or 916.483.1222

Fly Fishing Specialties - 916.722.1055

If you ever had an interest, question or wish to ask a rod maker a question about a rod you own of his, this is a great opportunity to do just that.

Thank you, and call either shop for more questions.

Tim Au-Young
Hogan Brown