So, fall is in the air! It even rained a few days over the last few weeks in Northern California. The bottom line though is we are still in a drought and that is a reality if you got out to the river. I have still been guiding and chasing fall stripers on the Lower Sac but have been sneaking out a bit to explore the Lower Yuba, Feather, and Lower Sac for trout and steelhead in my free time and talking to some of my buddies that have been out. Here is some reports and more random yet incredibly useful and simulating content…

Lower Sacramento River Striper fishing: Fishing has been good. Weather is warm again and fish are back on the feed. When the temperature changes or pressure fronts move through fishing can slow down. Flows have come up a bit just over 6000cfs at Ord Bend so about 1000-1500cfs from where they were a few weeks ago. Most of fish are moving into the shallows to feed midday when the water temps warm up. Salmon are moving through but not holding in any way so they are not pushing fish out of the deep water in any consistent way so covering water is key as fish are not always up in the shallows eating in every spot.

Feather River Steelhead – I have not been on the feather lately but have talked to a few buddies that have been out there. Salmon numbers from what I have heard are LOW in the upper river and as one buddy said he had to really look for them and if you weren’t you didn’t see them…bummer to hear as most years by this time we are seeing the “oil slick” of black backs in the riffles from HUGE pods of salmon getting ready to cut redds in the riffles. A few friends have hooked a few fish up there but most of the fish I have seen pictures of seem to be hold over spring/summer fish nothing that I would say, or my buddies are claiming, to be fall fish. I think it is going to be a late year on the feather and may be a very poor year if we do not get some water.

Lower Yuba River – The Yuba is scary LOW like 550cfs low…The river down by Marysville is 410cfs which I can’t imagine gives salmon much water to move up river. I have not been over to the Yuba for awhile…Most of my buddies that have been are just going out for the evening/last hour or so of light fishing. I know last fall when the river was super low the first few weeks of October were stupid good fishing during the egg hatch. I have a feeling it will be that way again if enough salmon made it up or are going to make it up. I have a hard time going over there when the flows are this low as it is chaos with other guides and wade fishermen as everyone is competing for the same water. Last year I spent most of my early October on the Lower Sac between Red Bluff and Los Molinos but this year I may be over there more as the water temps are warmer in the Lower Sac and fish will blow through early in the year.

Lower Sacramento River Trout/Steelhead – The flows have come up to 7200cfs coming out of Keswick but the temps are still a bit warm. I have not heard much but Late September Early October is traditionally prime time for trout and steelhead in the lower river from Red Bluff to Los Molinos. This year I will most likely spend most of my October down low on the Sac doing float trips or running the jet boat getting out to swing or nymph some specific areas. I know more and more salmon are showing up as salmon fishermen are starting to catch more and more fresh fish moving up river in areas that I am spending most of my time striper fishing.

The Irish – Injuries are insane so far this year…obviously the most important Malik but wow what a few weeks of Irish Football. VT and GA Tech games were amazing…obviously the VT game may be a season defining win for us. GA Tech was no where near as close as I had imagined. Triple option teams traditionally give ND a headache and the defensive discipline to defend against them is not something that we always show. I think the biggest take away from the first week is how good our defensive and offensive line is.  We literally destroyed all of our oponents so far this year upfront and all moderately athletic former high school football players that played line know that games are won on the line! Next week against UMass is a bit scary as it could be a trap game between GA Tech and Clemson.

The Giants – Lets be honest season for the gmen is over…while we are not mathematically eliminated reality is we are…No way I have a right to be pissed, 3 World Series Titles in the last few years gives me no room to bitch. That said it was tough to watch us dwindle and fade due to injuries when I think we had the roster to compete. Ya, we were a bit short on pitching, but we had enough to make a run into the playoffs I think, and for sure win a one game playoff as a wild card. All in all though a lot of positive things came out of this season…Duffy, Panic, Byrd (sign him), Blanco (renaissance at the plate for the most part), Kelby Tomlinson, Aoki ( when not hurt finally gives us a lead off) Heston (pitcher/ace of the future maybe) …Another great season from Posey, Bumgarner, and Belt!

Music – Got the new Wonder Years CD No Closer to Heaven…I am really digging it. Good mix of pop, punk, hardcore, and dare I say emo in a catchy, relateable, mix of like 15 songs! I actually bought the physical CD from Target of all places. I really miss buying physical CD’s. I wish I lived closer to a dimple or Amoeba. I have also been digging out some my old Appleseed Cast CD’s mainly Mare Vitals and Low Level Owl v.1 and v.2…Mare Vitals is by far one of my favorite albums. The drumming of Josh Baruth is AMAZING on this album…Great fall, winter is coming, album.
Hogan Brown