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July 4th holiday weekend is upon us and the throngs of humanity are rushing out to celebrate, camp, travel, fish...basically get outdoors and enjoy summer. No better way to celebrate. The weather here has been HOT! typical Chico/Nor Cal heat wave 100-108. Hot, but if you get on the water early and get off into the A/C by 2-3pm plenty of good fishing to be had and a great way to sweat out the heavy beer, alcohol, or garlic you have been consuming. I have been spending all my time guiding for stripers and things are shaping up to be a great summer of striper fishing on the Lower Sac!

Striper fishing on the Lower Sacramento - Fishing has been good. Good numbers of keeper size stripers and fish up to 10lbs with the big fish 20+lbs starting to show themselves. July -October is when the big guys move up daily into the shallows to eat and anglers have shots at them. Not everyday but most days we see, have shots at, and some times hook some of these guys. Flows are good and water temps are all where they should be so it is shaping up to be a great summer of striper fishing. 

Still fishing the heavy lines but the weeds are starting to come up and there a few spots we are pulling out the intermediate and type 3 lines. 

I still have a few open dates
July 12, 25
August 1, 27
Sept 3, 24
Oct 1, 8, 15
Tight Quarters Striper fishing in the back waters
Summer Striper 
Vacation fishing...I took my family down to San diego to go to the San Diego Zoo, Lego Land, Beach, and site see. While I was down there I got to fish with my good friend Conway Bowman for Mako Sharks on the fly. By far one of the coolest visual fly fishing experiences I have ever had. seeing a 6' 125lb mako eat a popper at 50 feet is pretty Insane and then having that fish rip off line on a 14wt like a bonefish on steroids is pretty cool. Site fishing to these fish on floating lines, poppers, and big flies right under the surface is really cool experience if you are ever down in San Diego. Conway doesn't guide much anymore but Dave Tremble does and is a great guide down there. 

Shark Popper
Rigged and Ready!
Corked on a 14 Weight...
That is as close to a grip and grin shot as I was getting
Music Reports - Been listening to a bunch of old stuff...really enjoying the re-release of the Rolling Stones Exile on Main St. that came out a while ago. Has some great unreleased songs on it and out takes as well as all the classics. Also been listening to Sturgill Simpson as I just bought tickets to see him in Redding, CA of all places. His newest album is a great listen and his older ones are different enough but the same enough to keep it all interesting. Also bought an album by a band named the Quiet Hollers that I heard on AudioTree Live which is really good. They are from Tennessee and at times sound like Band of Horses, Lucero, and kinda 80's indie band...Good listen. 

Hogan Brown