Cast Hope Video by RA Beattie and Beattie Productions

There are few things that I am as proud of as what Ryan Johnston and I have done with a crazy idea he shared with me at the Taco Bar in Tres Hombres nearly 10 years ago. He wanted to call it Cast Hope and he wanted to take what he had been given and share it with kids that hadn't been given such things. I jumped on and I don't think either of us have looked back. When you have an idea that you know is good, a problem you know needs solving, and you think you have the solution it is a powerful exciting thing.

Then when people start believing in your idea, supporting it, and as the years go by you see the affects it has it is humbling. I could go on and on, but this video does a much better job of explaining what Cast Hope is, what it does for kids in Northern California and Western Nevada, and more importantly why as anglers and outdoors people we must continue to share what we love. Share the outdoors my friends.
Hogan Brown