Reports, sports, music...all the stuff to kill time on a thursday.

So winter is here it seems like at least today. There was a little frost this morning in Chico, Ca and the morning air temps were around 38. Haven’t seen really any rain in the last two weeks and we even saw weather this last week in the 80s! CRAZY but CRAZY seems to be the new normal with regards to weather. Here are some fishing reports and things that have been going on…you know random stuff you can read to kill time on a Thursday. 

Open Dates:
Dec: 17, 21-23, 29-31
Jan: 2, 5-7, 14, 28
Feb: 20

Lower Sac Stripers: Fishing has slowed dramatically but the river is fishable and the big fish are the ones that are eating…I mean really big. This is when you may fish all day for one grab but it will be a true trophy. I fished last week when the weather was warmer and caught plenty of 3-8lb fish and had one monster follow and tail slap a fly on an I-Line. Winter striper fishing on the river can be good or bad just depends on the weather and water

Lower Sacramento River Trout: December is traditionally one of, if not my favorite, month to fish the Sac for trout. Most of the guides and recreational anglers are gone…moving back down south or to the Trinity and while numbers are not huge we do usually catch some of the biggest rainbows of the year. Fishing small and deep is the key and with a poor salmon return it seems this small and deep approach we use in December has already started from what I hear.

Feather River Steelhead: Fishing is pretty workmen like…good numbers no reports of monsters but steady fishing if you can get a clean run and fresh water. Getting fresh water is the biggest issue on the feather. If you are the first one to fish it you will get the fish…if not can be tough.

Lower Yuba River: Lower yuba slowed down with the flow drop as the flows are back down to 775. I am really not a fan of fishing the Yuba at these flows but  good rain can push the flows back up to around a 1000cfs really quick so hopefully we get some rain soon and that happens.

Butte Creek: Is open and flows are around 150cfs…a good wade fishing flow. There should be some steelhead up in the creek with the good rains we had in October. May get out and check it out this weekend.

Sports Reports....a lot has happened. Baseball season was good…I am glad that the giants lost the way they did so they will be publicly forced to spend some money on a closer/bull pen. The total embarrassment of the way they lost game 4 is going to force them to spend some money.

Notre Dame is what they are…YOUNG. Expectations were way to high this year. We are starting on average 14 freshman a game so you get what you get with that. That said I support Coach Kelly and in no way blame him or his staff or the losses…that said I am glad Van Gormer (d-cordinator) is gone…His schemes were way to complicated and many times the kids looked lost. Hopefully Kaiser stays and all this experience for these young kids helps next year as pretty much everyone will be back.

Music: Been listening to a ton of Sturgill Simpson sense the wife and I were lucky enough to go see him this last weekend at the Cascade Theater in Redding, CA aka the Bakersfield of the North State.  By far top 5 shows I have ever seen…the musicianship was amazing. Plus Sturgill is just a bad ass…talk about the real deal man.

In other news my band Royal Oaks is heading into the studio this weekend for two day of tracking for our upcoming album…always a fun yet taxing experience. We will also be playing Dec 10th down at Slims in SF with Chuck Ragan, Rocky Votolato, Reverand Peyton and the Big Damn Band, and Travis Hayes for the Inagural Cast Hope Benefit Concert.

Simms Delta Day: This is a great Pro/Guide/Dealer event that Simms, Hatch, Costa, Yeti all throw down in the delta…basicly my good buddy and simms rep john Sherman throws a bad ass party event at sugar barge in the delta…it started in his back yard but has turned into this multi day fiesta. Super FUN! I went down with my good buddy and guide Chuck Ragan and we worked the Costa pre party taco feed and fished Friday and then worked the event Saturday speaking about Cast Hope  and going Plastic Bottle Free in our guiding.

Hogan Brown