Last minute opening, Winter Dates, Fishing Reports

Last minute opening, Winter Dates, Fishing Reports

Last Minute Opening: Dec 20th 

Open Winter Dates:
Dec 28
Jan 2, 14, 21, 

*These dates are first come first serve so call 530-514-2453 or email. 
Hope everyone is ready for Christmas and have all their shopping done and are getting ready to travel to be with family or have family over. We are hosting Christmas this year I have a few days of guiding this week and then some cooking and cleaning to do. The last storm that went through really did a number on the rivers though there is still some fishing to be had and lets be honest no one is complaining about rain at this point! I have a few winter dates open still and a last minute opening this week.

Lower Sacramento River is fishable down to Cow Creek which means floats down to Anderson are fishable. Fishing has been pretty typical winter trout fishing on the Lower Sacramento which means good fish but not huge numbers on most days...that said there can be periods of really good numbers if the conditions are right.

Lower Yuba River is blown out right now but dropping. Dropping Slowly at is at 7057 and is dropping a few hundred cfs a day out of Englebright. Deer Creek is at 265 and not dropping very fast...on about 30cfs today (monday dec 18th). Based on how the river and creek are dropping and all the water that is coming down the SF Yuba I can't imagine the river will be in shape to fish any time in the coming week. 
Butte Creek is dropping and is down to 1160cfs and with no rain in the forecast until early next week it should come into shape in the next day or two. Air temps are cold so make sure to get out during the warmer part of the day. Swinging flies and nymph fishing will both catch fish.

Feather River is blown out as well all the way up as Lake Oroville is completely colored up. When this happens it usually takes a while for the river to clear.

Hope everyone has a great holiday and spends time with family as well as out on the water!
Hogan Brown