Tuesday...quick report.

So the rain is back...The Lower Yuba WAS dropping and around 5000cfs but I am sure will rage again very soon and in the end sense the South Fork has been ripping Lake Englebright should be blown so the river will be mud for a while but I can not confirm this...I am hoping the river is fishable by Sunday/Monday but that may be wishful thinking.

The Lower Sacramento River is fishing so that is good as much of the creeks that blow it out have dropped and supposedly clarity is good down to Bend bridge but I find that hard to believe...I would feel comfortable making the assumption fishing down to Cow Creek is going to be decent. I think fishing on the Sac is going to be a good option the coming few weeks but who knows based on the rain that is forecasted over the next few days.

Butte Creek was dropping into shape getting below 550cfs today but should pop back up with the rains but again I am hoping this should drop back down into shape by sunday/monday.

Feather River is fishable through the low and high flow and has a few fresh winter fish in it from what I have heard.
Hogan Brown