Summer So Far...

Well so far it has been a busy summer…lots of guiding, some fishing, river time with the kids, a vacation, travel for work…more guiding. Seems summer like winter is going to be and extreme one as it feels like we are having more triple digit days then any summer I can remember. That said with all the water fishing is great most places and there are even a few that are just coming into shape. Here are some reports and what I have been up to.

Lower Sacramento Striper fishing – Lets be honest this is what I do 6 days a week most weeks in the summer. I love striper fishing and this is my main fishery May-October. Fishing so far has been really good. Good numbers of fish and the average size fish this year seems to be a bit bigger on average and we are just starting to see some of the bigger fish get active as the shad have thinned out and the salmon and salmon boats are pushing the bigger fish to the banks. The rest of July through September may be some of the best fishing we have seen in years as fish are pushed to the banks due to what is forecasted to be a big salmon run and that usually brings lots of salmon boats…which can be an inconvenience but it does push fish to the banks and even on some years to the big back waters and slough providing great sight fishing opportunities.

First Striper EVER on a fly
Average Size fish this year ... pretty good. 

One of my favorite ways to shoot a pic of a striper

Lower Yuba River – Got a few days in on the Lower Yuba River guiding and then fishing on my own. Fishing is good for small fish…most of the fish are in 10-12” bracket with a few 16” fish around but most fish are very small which is not a bad thing for the future of the river. It is by all means a new river as close to 80-90% of the river is very new and different. Overall it is really cool all the changes are really interesting an provide some cool new water. Most of the fish I have caught have come on nymphs – small mayfly nymphs and rubber legs – and Dry Dropper rigs with chubby chernobyl  and a red copper john dropper. Flows contine to drop and are down to below 3K for the first time this year that I can remember. I imagine that flows will be pretty stable into the fall and hopefully we get the rain this fall to keep the river up above 1500cfs for the salmon and steelhead – never to see the river down around 700cfs again while the salmon are trying to swim up river and spawn.

Nice healthy summer Yuba River Rainbow.

A FEW OPEN DATES LEFT for the season before fall fishing starts…
August 3
Sept 2, 4, 23

Fishing – I rarely get to just go fishing as if I have the time off I usually take the family and my boys out on the river. We have been chasing bluegills and bass so far with the fly rods but will switch over to bait casters and spinning rods soon for stripers – shooting head and a 9wt are bit much for a 7 and 9 year old. Obviously river trips are also full of rock throwing and swimming.

Oliver corked up on a nice smallie
Nice Sac Smallie

Beck getting a Largemouth all on is own

KICK PLASTIC – I was very fortunate and honored to be part of the introduction of the Kick Plastic campaign at this years ICAST show (big fishing show for all dealers around the world) in Orlando Florida. The Kick Plastic campaign is a partnership between Cost Sunglasses, Yeti, and Klean Kanteen working to eliminate single use plastic in all of fishing, guiding, and outfitting. They are providing the tools and programs for all guides, outfitters, and lodges to do so and I served on a panel this year to introduce it and talk about how I have worked to eliminate single use plastic in my own guiding and life. It was a true honor and something I am very proud to be part of. All are such great companies and the program goes beyond company loyalty, profits, and money. Check it out here at this website and it is very easy to eliminate plastic water bottles and single use plastics in our lives and every little bit helps.

Check out the MOVIE below to learn more about the Kick Plastic Campaign aw well

Big League.

Klean Kanteen - amazing and determined company

about 150 people showed up...pretty cool

The Drake Movie Awards - Always one of the funnest parts of ICAST 
One of the best part of ICAST is seeing Old Friends...the legend KP

New Rock Music – Been listening to a ton of new music…driving to the river every day does this. My buddy pro bass angler Chris Hart turned me on to Corb Lund and if you are a fan of Sturgill Simpson and outlaw country this guys is a must. Also been listening to the new Jason Isbell and my wife eve surprised me with tickets for the Oakland show in September…AWESOME! Album is really cool…not sure it is as good as something more then free but it is damn close. Also listening to the new Rise Against album Wolves which is pretty straight ahead old school Rise Against. Strong album as always, they just keep cranking out solid albums.

Sports Report – The giants are the 2nd to worst team in all of baseball – second to the Phillies. The bottom line is I keep watching, not as diligently as other season but I keep watching as I feel I have to. It is almost paying for the last 6-7 seasons of amazing baseball…almost like paying for all those World Series titles and amazing wins. I will not let myself the guy who stops watching and turns my back when his team goes south…didn’t do it to Notre Dame last season won’t do it to the Giants either. Tough year for me as a Notre Dame and Giants fan.
Hogan Brown