Some reports, News, and what is coming up....

So the christmas and new year revelrey is cleared and the drudge of the winter is feeling apon me. I am not a winter person. I get the whole coastal steelhead thing and the winter steelhead draw. Just doesnt do it for me anymore though I should go this winter at some point

I deal with winter though as I love Christmas and the whole holiday season as my kids and nieces and nephews get jacked! Plus I love being around family, cooking, and just the whole seen. Then it is over and I am left with cold, short days and blown out rivers kinda of a buzz kill as I wait for spring! That said there is a lot of good winter fishing that I get excited about...Winter is my favorite time of year to fish the Lower Yuba, There are windows to catch some truelly enormous stripers, and getting the foothill bass lakes dialed in is really fun so lots to do even though the days are cold and short.


A storm is comming this weekend! Looks like rain is forecasted for Saturday through Wednesday so that will change many things...but for now here is what I know.

Lower Yuba River: Fishing has been good. Flows are around 1000cfs but I am sure with the rain coming will increase as Deer Creek will I am sure blow out and add color and flow. That said fishing has been really good. The average size of rainbows has been solid - in the 14-16" range and for the first time in years there has been a legit winter steelhead run with multiple guides and anglers hooking into legit 25+inch winter steelhead. My clients hooked 2 last time we were out and I have seen pictures of a few anglers and guides with similar fish. Hatches have been sporadic and during the warmest part of the midday and compsrised of small mayflies with the very occasional and smaller caddis - and no Skwalas yet. Most fish are feeding on dries in the slow slack water on emergers or cripples. I have found the best success fishing a sparkle dun or parachute pattern with a unweighted dropper only about a 1' behind the parachute. Most fish are coming on the dropper. Remeber to let the rise forms of the trout tell you what stage of the insect they are focusing on and adjust fly selection accordingly.

Lower Yuba Fish

Nymphing has been catching the most fish for my clients lately. With the clear water lately going down to 5x has been critical on the smaller bugs. Most fish are coming on #16-18 Lil'Amigos and Micro Mays in Olive and Brown. A few fish were coming on egg patterns but it seemed to be only fish lower in the river and during low light conditions in faster water. With the rain and off color water all this will change I am sure so dont put away your eggs, rubbers legs, and san juan worms yet.

Lower Sacramento River Striper Fishing - Fishing has been up and down ALOT lately. A week ago fishing was pretty good but the last week fishing slowed dramaticlly and with the rain coming the river should blow out again. Water temps the last week have been in high 40s to low 50s which really slows down the fish in my opinion as well. The next full moon is Jan 21 and the week prior fishing should pick up if the river is fishable. - Spring migratory run fishing should get going in late march through May ALL depending on river conditions.

Winter Stripes

Lake Oroville Bass Fishing - Fishing has been decent to good and getting better. The rain this coming weekend/week should get all the tribs going again and that will get things going again. Fishing has been a bit stagnant without any rain but if you look and cover water you can find fish. Best fishing is still ahead of us - Jan-April is best.

Feather River Spring Steelhead - Fishing should pick up in March as downstream fall/winter fish move out and warmer weather and spring rains move fish up. This is by far the most willing run of valley fish to eat swung flies - most days I dont even bring the nymphing rods. March-mid May is best.

Open Winter Dates/Early Spring Dates
February: 11, 16,
March 2, 9, 16, 23, 30
April 19, 20, 22, 25, 27

I will be opening Spring and Summer Dates soon ounce I lock down some personal trips.

I will be raising my rates in 2019 to the rates listed below. Still with home made lunches, two new boats, the best gear, hand tied flies, and over 20 years of experiance I am still one of the cheaper guides around so no complaining.

Full Day: $500
Half Day: $375
Evening Trip: $275

Other News...

Check out the You Tube Channel with a few new fly tying videos (The S&M and Lil Amigo tutorials).  Checkout last blog post for links to teh videos

Feb 22-24: Fly Fishing Show and Cast Hope After Party is coming up. More news to come

April 6: Cast Hope Fly Fishing Film Tour Stop in Nevada City, CA - more news and details to come. 


As many know I am a huge Notre Dame football fan...season ticket owner and just silly fan...I was pretty excited we made it to the Playoffs this year. I figured we had a shot to beat Clemson, but I was realistic about a team like Clemson. That said I figured it would be a touch down or field goal game...not an utter embarrasment like the game was. It was painful to watch. Now I think we matched up with Clemson we just didnt get ANY Damn breaks. The fumble on the goal line with game tied 3-3 was ours but call didnt go our way...Ians fumble, Whistle had blown the play dead so fumble was obsolete AND that touchdown right before half time are you KIDDING me 99.9% of the time there is no way that Clemson Kid makes that catch...Hat tip to him. PLUS two big play touch down come against a sub for our All American Safety who gets knocked out of the game...that is one thing we didnt match up was with Clemson is depth as when Love went down it HURT, 2 big play touchdowns hurt. Either way a 12-1 season with a play off bid is nothing to complain about! On word to baseball season and now I have to do some research and find out who these guys the Giants are signing...our BIG OFF SEASON signing are not looking good when I have to google their names and read deep about who they are. Not good Farhan Zaidi 
Hogan Brown