1 May 2019 Reports and Open Dates

June 12-14, 17-19
July 1-3, 16-20, 24-27, 29-31
August  1-3, 5, 7, 8 24, 31

Striper Season is upon us…The Spring Striper Season is in full swing and migratory fish are spread throughout the valley rivers. High water years allow large runs of migratory fish to move farther up river and mix with our resident fish on our tail water rivers. Many of these migratory fish after spawning end up spending the summer and fall in the river mixing in with the already large populations of resident fish.  High water years create much more food, habitat, and in general just really great years of striper fishing from May-these rivers blowing out the following winter. I am really excited about the upcoming season. Years like this see some of the best fishing we see historically. 
Right now I have been guiding and fishing for mostly migratory fish and fishing at the beginning of last week was as good as I have ever seen, but over night the fish spawned and fishing tightened up. We may see another push of fish here soon, but that last one could very well be the last spawning push this season. As the fish come off the spawn they will need to eat though and fishing has been picking up over the weekend and the resident fish are getting on the feed as many spawned earlier in April.
Going forward....Flows continue to drop and clear daily as flows out of Keswick are down and stable around 5000cfs and flows lower in the river are nearly down to normal spring flows as run off tapers off. May- October is going to be very good fishing this year. 

Not bad for your first fish on a fly rod.

Not bad for your first fish on a fly rod.


Other Reports:

Lower Yuba River
 - River is still up above 8000cfs with spikes over 9000cfs BUT clarity is good and people are getting out and fishing it. I have had a few clients text me saying they got out caught a few fish on the edges. I am sure there are a few spots you can get into on a float and catch some fish as fish will concentrate in areas of soft water during higher flows and those spots are usually pretty limited. In previous years like this we have seen the flows finally come into shape mid to late June as run off subsides.

Carp Fishing - On high water year we see some great opportunities for slough carp fishing on the Lower Sacramento Flats and some of our reservoirs that fill and flood some amazing flats. May and June are the prime months to get out and do this. 

Spring/Early Summer Bass Fishing - The sloughs of the Lower Sacramento and our valley and foothill reservoirs are in AMAZING SHAPE and May and June are going to be amazing chasing largemouth and smallmouth on the sloughs and reservoirs . 

Hogan Brown