Reports and News 17 June 2019

Hope everyone is getting out and enjoying the summer…seems like it went from spring to summer in about 7 days here in Chico. One weekend it was raining and cold then the next week it was dry and hot, so goes northern California I guess. Run off is getting under hand in some places and still raging out of control in others. For myself I have been spending nearly every day on the Sac chasing stripers. While I always say I am going to get out and do some trout or bass fishing on my days off I always seem to just head back out to the river…so is the draw of that place.


 July 10,

Aug 3, 31

Striper season is off and running and conditions are shaping up, as it seems every year to be different then the last. We have “high” but nowhere near abnormal or blown out water. The river is hovering around 10K CFS and clarity really varies depending on where you are in the river. Nowhere is “blown out” by any means, but there are areas with 3 feet of visibility and there are areas with 6” of visibility and knowing where color comes from throughout the river is key to finding good fishing.

Last year we dealt with COLD water and this year it seems we may, believe it or not, be dealing with warm water. While dirty water heats up faster then clear water water temps are still WARM. The last week taking off at Butte City water temps had reached 68-69 by the end of the day where the water never got that warm ALL summer or fall last year. While this doesn’t turn off or on the bite it just changes it. The one thing it will do is DRASTICLY and negatively affect salmon fishing as the good salmon fishing we had last year was due to the much colder then average water temps.


Places locally I want to go fish if I had more free time…

The North Fork of the Feather River should be really getting good here…I have constantly said this is the most under appreciated and under fished BAD ASS trout river in the state. That said I know why…it is a mother &*@# to get around and access. PLUS it is finicky but it is one of those places that is worth figuring out and on good water years like this one a place I always want to get to.

The North Fork Feather River

The North Fork Feather River

Black Butte Reservoir on a high water year like this there is no better place to fish for carp that I know of then the North West creek channels and flats of Black Butte Reservoir. Hard flooded flats that carp PILE into and tail like no other place I know. Every time I make a point to do this I wish I did it more and owned a flats boat.

Early AM or Late PM top water sessions on Lake Oroville. With all the flooded timber fish are usually tight to structure and throwing poppers to flooded trees can be EPIC!

Pit 1…I LOVE floating Pit 1 in my raft. I use to go work at Clearwater lodge with the goal of ONLY floating and guiding Pit 1. On high water years like this some of the biggest lake fish in Lake Britton come up the river and the water stays nice and cool well into the summer for the resident trout.

Love them Pit 1 Bows

Love them Pit 1 Bows

Hogan Brown