Had clients on the river again saturday night and the grab finally turned on again. Scratch out fish from about 4pm-6pm and then it started to pick up. By 715pm or so it was every cast. Also it was one of the first nights that we hit good numbers of bigger females. The first big spawn should be coming up soon as smaller males were following the females to the surface when we hooked them.

We have been hooking plenty of fish each night and having short stints of every cast hook ups but Saturday was a good hour or so of non stop action. By 9pm my clients were done and worn out.

Tomorrow I am going to go exploring a little lower in the river to look for some stripers as the last few times I have been out on my own I have caught a few and the migratory fish should be around and as the pulses of shad go through the resident fish should start feeding heavily.
Hogan Brown