tough...tough...tough...stinky ovesize sardines

Shad fishing was tough tonight. first of all the river was packed. What the hell don't people work on fridays. Who stays out until 900pm fishing and then gets up to go to work the next morning. In all seriousness the river was as crowded as I have ever seen. It was like every guy that bought a $20,000 boat in the last 3-5 years and never uses it decided to go out today. What ever...

Fishing was tough we found fish but all our grabs were really subtle and my client (only had one client today) had trouble hooking up. We did manage a few fish right at dark but from about 5-8pm I burned more gas than we hooked fish looking for willing fish. Bottom line is we had been doing well for a few days and must have just hit a dry spot. I am sure fishing will pick up again as more pods move our way. Personally I am done with shad. While I have shad dates on the books still and will guide them for shad plenty over the next few weeks my own fishing will turn to stripers. Good numbers from Butte City to Rd. 48 if you have a boat. Go fish life is to short not to. Over and out.
Hogan Brown