The weather the last few days has been crazy. One of the coolest lighting/thunder storms I have ever seen in CA the other night. Scarred the crap out of my dogs but didn't even wake up Oliver. Went out yesterday on the Sac outside of chico with a guide buddy of mine and managed a few small stripers and my buddy beat up on some shad while I drank a few wheat sodas. There wasn't anyone on the river and the fishing wasn't that bad for the river coming up about a foot and all the weird weather. Striper fishing should pick up again once the weather stabalizes and warms ups. Shad are still around so if anyone is still jonesing for shad they are here in numbers. Still no really big fish but what ever. Going to be back on the water Saturday and then some trout fishing on Sunday. I will down at the Diablo Valley Fly fishers on Tuesday and at the San Jose fly club on Wednesday giving slide slow presentations if anyone wants to swing by. Over and Out.
Hogan Brown